Can I Avoid An Ugly Divorce?

Divorce Attorney Tampa


Unfortunately for many people, the word divorce is usually associated with ugly custody battles, arguments over who owns what, and a bitter end to a once happy and loving relationship.


When you first began discussing marriage with your spouse, you probably never imagined that one day, you would also be getting a divorce. However, over time, people change, as well as relationships. Whether the decision is mutual or the divorce is contested, keeping things as civil is possible with the help of an experienced divorce lawyer.


Is Your Marriage Salvageable?


Before you dial up the first attorney’s number you see on the television, you should ask yourself: Can your marriage be saved? Are there issues between you and your spouse that may be resolved through counseling or communication? It may seem like some problems are impossible to get through, but with some work, a marriage can be saved.


However, if you feel your problems have passed that point, it’s okay. Attempting to save your marriage is a decision that you must make on your own.


Where Do I Begin?


If you feel that divorce is necessary, then here are some things you should know.


In the state of Florida, nobody is considered 'at fault' for a divorce, so there are no penalties to fear when you file for divorce. At least one spouse must file for "dissolution of marriage".


The state also wants to prove three important things when filing for divorce:


  • The marriage is no longer salvageable

  • You or your spouse has lived in Florida for a minimum of six months

  • You are legally married to your partner

Find out Which Type of Case you Have

Here are few type of Divorce case you may have and need an attorney -

  1. Collaborative Divorce Lawyer
  2. Military Divorce Lawyer
  3. Child Custody Attorney
  4. Child Support Attorney

Does the Court Have to Get Involved?


A simple dissolution of marriage can be filed for, but there are many requirements that the court needs to verify in order to qualify for a simple dissolution marriage. Some of the requirements include:


  • Neither individual is seeking alimony.

  • Both parties agree to the divorce.

  • There are no dependents or no expected children on the way.


A regular dissolution of marriage will more than likely go to court, but if you and your spouse can reach an agreement, then the process is much smoother. Most common agreements surround asset division and child custody.


An experienced divorce attorney can help you understand how the divorce process works and how to keep things civil with your spouse.


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Divorce can be a difficult time, but the Divorce attorney Tampa at Blair H. Chan III PLLC can be there for you and help you to reach an agreement, ensure your family is cared for, and move on. If you contact us online or call us at 813-280-5301, we can offer you a free consultation and let you know how we can help you get through your divorce.



Get The Justice You Deserve When Your Safety is Threatened

While going about your normal daily routine, every person has the right to expect a certain level of safety, whether you’re visiting a friend at an unfamiliar apartment complex, attending a concert, filling your car with fuel, or withdrawing money from an ATM machine. Unfortunately, however, the world is not always a safe place, which is why personal injury lawyers like Paul K. Schrier at A Florida Accident Law Firm have taken it upon themselves to defend the rights of those who have had their safety violated, and get them the compensation they deserve.

Every day, innocent victims are attacked by criminals for no apparent reason. And what’s truly disheartening is that so many of these attacks could have been prevented if only the property owner had maintained proper lighting and other security measures. In cases like this, the property owner is liable for any harm you or your loved ones may have experienced, and you may be entitled to reparations. With 28 years of experience the personal injury attorneys Miami Mr. Schrier can provide you with the legal service you need to get the justice you deserve.

Mr. Paul K. Schrier can help you if you are the victim of incidents that occurred in the public sphere including assault or assault and battery, rape and sexual assault, and gunshot violence. Muggings are much easier to commit if a company fails to install proper lighting in dark areas of a parking lot, and a lack of security cameras could encourage a sexual predator to attack a victim on the property. Furthermore, properties in high-crime areas should especially be aware of the risk that their location inherently brings, and they should take measures to protect visitors to their property, including security guards, locked entryways, and onsite cameras. If a property is not adequately secured, then the likelihood of serious injury or even death increases significantly.

Being the victim of a violent attack can have an incredibly detrimental effect on an individual and their family members, including physical injury and psychological and emotional trauma. Paul K. Schrier believes that the financial damages associated with these effects should not fall to the victim, but rather the responsible party – property owners who failed to property secure their land.

Mr. Schrier will help you complete all of the steps needed to file a viable Inadequate Security claim, such as obtaining witness statements, police reports, and medical reports. Together, you can make sure that these unfortunate incidents never happen again.